Graduation Competencies

It is intended that students earning an undergraduate degree will demonstrate university level proficiency in the following areas:

Oral Communication
• Appraise the needs of the audience and then speak in a clear and succinct manner.
• Research, construct, and deliver professional presentations using a variety of communication tools and techniques.

Written Communication
• Write with clarity and precision using correct English grammar: mechanics (punctuation) and usage (sentence structure and vocabulary)
• Exhibit competence in writing for specific purposes, diverse audiences, and genres.
• Correctly and ethically present scholarly writings utilizing the selected citation and writing style deemed appropriate for the student’s program of study.

Disciplined Inquiry
• Employ critical thinking strategies such as quantitative, qualitative, and scientific reasoning to analyze consequences and outcomes and then determine logical solutions.

Information Literacy
• Using information in any format, research, evaluate, and ethically utilize information effectively and with appropriate attribution.

• Demonstrate knowledge and application of prescribed ethical codes and behaviors related to the student’s academic discipline.

Additional Program Competencies
• Additional competencies may be included as per external accreditation requirements.