Probation, Suspension and Academic Standing

A student is expected to make satisfactory academic progress toward a degree. The University has structured this policy to provide numerous opportunities for student intervention and success. All students are strongly encouraged to utilize the numerous academic support services provided by the University. However, failure to achieve satisfactory academic progress may result in academic probation or suspension, to be determined by the Academic Review Committee.

Academic Probation and Suspension

A student will be considered to have unsatisfactory academic standing if the cumulative grade point average falls below the following minimum requirements:

Credit Hours Earned  Cumulative GPA 
 1-30 1.6 
 31-60 1.8 
 61-120 2.0 

(Student athletes must check with the Athletic Director or Academic Advisor for specific GPA restrictions). 

The Academic Review Committee will meet each semester to review academic records. The Committee may take the following actions for students who have an unsatisfactory cumulative GPA.

  • • First occurrence: Academic probation
  • • Second occurrence: Continued academic probation
  • • Third and subsequent occurrences: Continued academic probation or suspension


A student on Academic Probation is limited to a maximum load of 12 credit hours per semester (less, if recommended by the Academic Review Committee). Students placed on continued probation are required to consult with and seek approval from an Academic Advisor prior to enrolling in any courses. Academic suspension begins the next academic block.

A suspended student may be reinstated on a probationary status by presenting a written appeal to their college dean and receiving approval from the Academic Review Committee. The suspended student must wait one semester before any appeal is written.
Any student who receives an institutional scholarship or tuition assistance from Wilmington University is required to maintain a 2.0 grade point average each semester. Failure to do so will result in the withdrawal of the institutional award from the student’s account for the following semester. 

Table 2. Class Standing According to Credits Earned 

Credits Earned  Class Standing 
 0-30  Freshman
31-60 Sophomore 
61-90  Junior
91-120  Senior