IDS 495 Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Seminar

Students in this capstone course will discuss concepts that foster continued professional success. Students will use Koln and Kolb’s Experiential Learning Spiral as the theoretical framework through which they view both educational and professional experiences in their pursuit of continuous improvement. Students will demonstrate their mastery of durable/ soft educational and professional skills, including oral and written communication, collaboration, understanding of ethical issues, critical thinking and problem solving, information literacy, and technology fluency. Students will have the opportunity to refine their skill sets as they each create a portfolio of professional documents for LinkedIn as well as create a project based on student interests. Students are also asked to reflect on their educational journey, their growth, and their goals for the future.




Senior status (at least 90 credits), ENG 131, ENG 122 and ENG 310 or POL 403, and MAT 308 or MAT 312 or equivalent.