MED 8903 Administrative Internship 3 Credits

This course requires a minimum of 180 documented hours of work with a school-based mentor (principal or assistant principal), the completion of a variety of real school leadership tasks, and the assumption of real school leadership responsibilities. The hours are documented in an Internship Journal/Log. The journal also requires descriptions, analyses, and reflections related to at least 14 "critical incidents" that occur during the internship period. Internship hours do not need to be full-time or consecutive. The course involves collaboration with a school-based mentor, other M.Ed. candidates, and with a college-based mentor. Advising seminars are scheduled at regular intervals throughout the semester. This course is normally taken in conjunction with MED 8900, but may be taken separately by those candidates who need an Administrative Internship to satisfy state licensure/certification requirements. A lab fee is required.




MED 6102