MED 8900 Practicum in School Leadership

This course provides opportunities for M.Ed. candidates to engage in leadership-related, authentic, supervised field experiences in approved school settings. The course requires the M.Ed. in School Leadership candidate to perform, analyze, and reflect on a specific set of tasks involving real responsibilities of school leaders. Completion of these tasks normally requires 100 hours of field-based work. The additional required hours of 140-200 are taken in the Internship Course required with this course.  The course culminates in the preparation of a professional portfolio that includes task-related documents, artifacts, and reflections. Learning activities are field-based and standards-driven, reflect the College of Education Conceptual Framework, and are linked to the National Educational Preparation Standards (NELP). The course involves collaboration with a school-based mentor, other M.Ed. candidates, and with a college-based mentor. Advising seminars are scheduled at regular intervals throughout the semester. This course is taken in conjunction with MED 8904 or MED 8905.  A lab fee is required.




MED 6102