MEC 7501 Family Counseling

The family structure is explored as candidates learn how to meet the needs of children at school through family counseling. Knowledge of family dynamics, social and cultural issues, and parenting education are explored as the class considers issues of sexuality, child abuse, substance abuse, sex-equity, and the impact of special needs children on the family structure. Socioeconomic, ethnic background and race are addressed in terms of their influence on children in families. Candidates will research and report on community and agency resources and referral services available for children and their families. *Note: All clearances (criminal background check, TB and child protective registry) must be completed and on file prior to registering for the course. This is an online live course and a weekly online synchronous meeting is required.




MED 6102, MEC 6400, MEC 6402, MEC 6607, MEC 7213, MEC 7502, MEC 7503, MEC 7701, and at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.