MEC 7500 Individual Counseling Skills and Strategies

Individual Counseling Skills and Strategies is a 6 credit semester course that equips a novice school counselor's tool belt with tools and techniques to counsel individual students. The course provides novice counselors with opportunities to learn and apply theory, strategies, and techniques to assist students with social/emotional development, academic development, career development, and/or crisis intervention.  Candidates will apply ethical and legal standards to individual counseling sessions and to real life practical applications.  Candidates will learn and apply intervention strategies to meet the needs of students that reflect current issues in our schools today.  This course will also provide opportunities to learn and apply a variety of data collection methods and student monitoring that may lead to the referral process. During this course, candidates will learn and practice basic counseling/interpersonal skills.  *Note: All clearances (criminal background check, TB, and child protective registry) must be completed and on file prior to registering for the course. This is an online live course and a weekly online synchronous meeting is required.




MED 6102, MEC 6400, MEC 6402, MEC 6607, MEC 7213, MEC 7502, MEC 7503, MEC 7701 and have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.