MRD 7803 Strategies and Materials for Teaching Reading and Writing

Candidates study the rationale for and implementation of integrated reading and writing programs. Emphasis is on phonics and word recognition development, fluency and automaticity development, morphology and vocabulary development and text comprehension. Additionally, the connection between reading and writing is explored and strengthened, incorporating writing strategies within each aspect of development. Establishing objectives, including critical thinking, evaluative criteria, and appropriate evaluation techniques for assessing progress are studied. Candidates are required to model/demonstrate strategies for reading and writing in classrooms other than their own and conference with teachers. MRD 7801 and 7802 are pre-requisites. 




MRD 7801 and 7802 (for Reading Specialist candidates only) College Level Graduate AND MED 6102 AND ((MRD7801 GPA 2.00 AND MRD7802 GPA 2.00) OR Major=Instruction: Teaching and Learning- M.Ed. OR Major=Instruction: Teacher of Reading- M.Ed.)