MCM 6101 Communication Writing

Our world is quickly becoming more complicated, diverse, and data-driven, with many new developments that are only understood by experts - so how does a business communicate to a multitude of audiences about its new capabilities?  Clear and compelling business writing is key to drive funding, public awareness, and ultimately consumer adoption.  Upon successful completion of this course, students will understand the basics of business communications and be able to apply components of the 'CCCD model':

Choosing (...a communication goal and strategy)
Creating (...the message)
Coordinating (...with others who are interdependent to the message)
Delivering (...the message appropriately to the right audience)

Students will also gain an understanding of how, why and the most effective way for people to communicate in business/organizational settings.  This class will help prepare students to navigate a complex business world that is highly dependent on the ability to communicate well.  This course places heavy emphasis on the components of writing to create clear and concise communication in all forms.