DNP 8000 Doctor of Nursing Practice Project I (145 Experiential Engagement hours)

This course begins the DNP project phase of the program. Students will incorporate content from the DNP core courses to successfully plan and develop and evidence-based doctoral project. Utilizing the SQUIRE guidelines, sections 1-6 of the DNP project manuscript will be completed with a description of the problem, available knowledge, rationale, and specific aims of the project. The DNP project team will be formulated with a DNP project chair and team member. Students will be prepared to present their DNP project proposal to the DNP project chair, DNP project team, and their peers by the end of the semester. Approximately 145 experiential engagement hours aligned with the AACN DNP Essentials will be completed in this course.




DNP 7000, DNP 7101, DNP 7103, DNP 7104, DNP 7105, DNP 7106, DNP 7107, and DNP 7108 with a B or better