DNP 8000 Doctor of Nursing Practice Project I (145 Experiential Engagement hours)

This course begins the DNP project phase of the program. The DNP project is the scholarly product demonstrating the translation of best evidence into practice to improve the quality of healthcare outcomes. Students will incorporate content from the DNP core courses to successfully plan and develop an evidence-based doctoral project. In this first phase of the project, students will develop a well-defined DNP project plan including the PICOT Question, problem description, comprehensive literature review, planned interventions, outcome measures and data analysis methods. The DNP project team will be formed with a DNP project advisor and team member. Students will complete and submit their project plan to the Wilmington University Human Subjects Committee for approval. Approximately 145 practice experience hours aligned with the AACN Essentials will be completed in this course.




DNP 7000, DNP 7101, DNP 7103, DNP 7104, DNP 7105, DNP 7106, DNP 7107, and DNP 7108 with a B or better