2023-2024 Catalog

ECON 402 Economics of Education

This course applies economic theory to the analysis of the education sector and education policies. We will start by investigating why people make the decision to invest in education using two different models of the returns to education. We will then turn to the "production" of education, examining what the key inputs into education are and how they can be effectively used. Afterwards we focus on the education market itself, market reforms as well as government policies that can help or hinder the distribution and attainment of education. While this course will primarily focus on K-12 education, we will also discuss some early childhood learning as well as higher education policy. Throughout the course there will be a focus on empirical methods and studies. These studies will be viewed as a test of our economic models and help us analyze education policy from an economics perspective. [W]


ECON 251, ECON 252 and ECON 253