2023-2024 Catalog

ECON 255 Multinational Business and Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategic corporate social responsibility (CSR) is about how a company resolves the dilemmas around its core product or service, how that product is produced, and how and to whom it is marketed. In effect, multi-national corporations which have a business model that uses profit to fuel constant innovation in new products, now have to include, for example, programs to reduce emissions, carbon trading, fair trade practices and differential pricing of general drugs in poor developing countries that demonstrate the potential for CSR; others illustrate the continuing limitations. The object of this course is to make students aware of international business situations that require moral reflection, judgement and decision, while revealing the complexities that often surround business choices and the formation of public policies. Learning through cases of irresponsible actions as well as responsible behavior, the course focuses attention on the study of International Business circumstances in which hard choices must e made under complex conditions of uncertainty and disagreement. Students who receive credit for 255 may not receive credit for ECON 352. Similarly, students who receive credit for ECON 352 may not receive credit for 255.

Cross Listed Courses

PSTD 255


ECON 101 and ECON 259, or permission of instructor