2023-2024 Catalog

ECON 246 Evolutionary Game Theory

An introduction to the concepts, techniques, and application of evolutionary game theory. The mathematics of game theory and natural selection offer insights valuable to the study of economics, biology, psychology, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, and political science. This course is intended to serve students with interests in any of these fields learn the approach, requiring minimal mathematical background, with special attention to apparent paradoxes, such as the evolution of altruism. [V]

Cross Listed Courses

MATH 246


MATH 125, MATH 141, MATH 161, or MATH 165; and one of the following: ECON 101, BIOL 111, A&S 102, A&S 103, PSYC 110, GOVT 101, GOVT 102, GOVT 103, GOVT 104, PHIL 200, PHIL 145, PHIL 250, PHIL 260, or NEUR 201


Root, Ruebeck