2022-2023 Catalog

Officers of Administration

Officers of Administration


Melissa Adamson

Climate Action & Circularity Manager


Randall E. Adamson

Assistant Coach, Men's Lacrosse


Tracie M. Addy

Associate Dean for Faculty Support & Director, CITLS


Holly Akers

Associate Director of Employee Relations and Outreach


Alana M. Albus

Senior Associate Director, Gateway Counselor


Dysean J. Alexander

Assistant Director


Jason R. Alley

Director, Learning and Research Technologies


Presley Anderson

Admissions Counselor


Erwin K. Annulysse

Director Creative Services


Kathryn S. Antonioli

Administrative Budget Coordinator


Hollis R. Ashby

Artistic & Executive Director of the Performance Series


Adam Atkinson

Director of Photography & Videography


Janna M. Avon

Digital Initiatives Librarian


Cameron Ayers

Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball


Bridget Bailey

Assistant Coach, Softball


Jonathan P. Bailey

Assistant Supervisor, Academic Custodians


Kylie T. Bailin

Director of Outreach and Access Services


Jamie L. Baltz

Financial Aid Advisor Operations Manager


Matthew Barber

Assistant Custodial Supervisor


Jacob Bates

Associate Director, Student Involvement


Kevin Baumann

Assistant Head Coach Football


Matthew F. Bayly

Associate Director of Athletics for Holistic Wellness and Performance


Sarah Beck

Visual Resources Curator


Craig Becker

Associate Vice President for Finance & Business


Nicole Beckett

Associate Director of Public Service


Kathryn Bednarsky

Student Advocacy and Prevention Coordinator


Matthew C. Blackton

Senior Web Developer


David J. Blasic

Athletic Business Manager


Allison Quensen Blatt

Operations Director, Women's Center


Janine C. Block

Assistant Director, International Student Services


Andrea L. Bohn

Assistant Vice President & Controller


Dennis L. Bohn

Head Men's Soccer Coach


John P. Boyer

Assistant Director, Forensic Activities


Keiba Bragg-Best

Staff Counselor


Brianna C. Braswell

Assistant Director of Admissions


John M. Breiner

Staff Accountant-General Accounting


Donald R. Brinker

Supervisor / Mechanical Trades


Daniel Brown

Enrollment Data Analyst/Assoc. Dir of Enrollment Analytics


Dahne Brown-Boyer

Assistant Director of Compliance


Michael Buckler

System Admin/Cloud Engineer


Kenneth Burns

Assistant Director of Residence Life


Susan E. Burns

Assoc Dean of Admissions & Operations


Tracey L. Burton

Associate Controller


Katherine A. Butler

IT Director of Planning, Analysis & Communications


Ryan Callahan

Assistant Director of Facilities & Operations


Fernando Capula

Admissions Visitation Coordinator


Jolene Cardassi

Marketing Coordinator, Dyer Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Janine M. Casey

Director, Parent & Family Relations


Andrea Castro

Assistant Director Admissions


Michael J. Chamberlain

Senior Director of Athletic Compliance & Student Athlete Development


Michael J. Chejlava

Instrumentation Specialist, Chemistry


Margie Cherry

Associate Director of Alumni Career Services


Mark Choquette

Assistant Director, Gateway Career Center


Michael Chovanes

Associate Director Facilities Operations


John H. Clark

Data Visualization and GIS Librarian / Digital Scholarship Services


Meade Clendaniel

Assistant Coach Football


Abigail E. Close
College Transition Specialist and Junior Class Dean


Brittany Clouser

Chemistry & Environmental Lab Specialist


Maria V. Colon

Administrative Coordinator, Provost Office


Dawn M. Comp

Senior Associate Athletic Trainer


Timothy Cox

Dean of Advising


Rochelle G. Crozier

Associate Director, Technology & Data Analytics


Amy Cunard

Facilities Accountant


Keith Cunard

Assistant Custodial Supervisor


Michele M. Curcio

Head Coach Track, Field, & Cross Country


James L. Dailey

Head Coach, Swimming


John Dailey

Investment Director


Melissa S. Dalrymple

Associate Director of Student Leadership & Involvement


Kia N. Damon-Olson

Women's Head Basketball Coach


Shane Davenport

Director of Football Strength & Conditioning


Arlina B. DeNardo

Director of Leadership Initiative & Senior Development Officer, Principal Gifts


Terri L. Deily

Assistant to the VP for Communications


Karavin Dew

Head Softball Coach


Thomas DiMuzio

Assistant Coach Football


Nicole J. DiRado

Administrative Coordinator, International Affairs


Jennifer M. Dize

Assistant Dean of Students


Erin Dounelis

Staff Accountant, Tax & Treasury


John Drummond

Coordinator, General Biology Lab


Markus Dubischar

Dean of Curriculum


Jacinda Dunbar

Asst Coach Women's Basketball


Janice A. Egan

Director of Parent and Family Engagement and Philanthropy


Chelsea Emrick

Instructional Technologist


Traci Eschbach

Assistant Director Residence Life


Xiadong Fan

Lab Coordinator, Organic Chemistry


Bruce S. Ferretti

Executive Director of Facilities


Andrew S. Foster

Senior Associate Director, Athletics / Facilities & Operations


Jodi Fowler

Assistant Director, Civic Leadership Programs


Louise Frazier

Associate Director of Admissions

Jaison Freeman
Special Assistant to the VP Campus Life


Jodie A. Frey

Associate Dean & Director of Recreation Services


Karina S. Fuentes

Associate Director of Intercultural Development


Charles G. Fulton 

Senior Web Applications Development


Elizabeth J. Fulton

Administrative Coordinator, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Hanson Center


Eugene A. Gabay

Senior Associate Director, Admissions


Melissa Garrison

Director of Counseling Services


Cara Gilpin

Assistant Director, Off-Campus & International Education


Olivia Giralico

Pre-and Post-Production Assistant


Simona Glaus

Coordinator of Health Professions Program


Julia A. Goldberg

Associate Dean of Advising & Co-Curricular Programs & Fellowships


Jeffrey E. Goldstein

Director of Health Services / College Physician


Peter R. Goode

Research Computing Systems Administrator


Amy A. Gordon

Faculty Services Consultant


Breanna Gorgy

Associate Registrar


Emily Graf

Web/Graphic/Interactive Designer


Alfred Greenbaum



Kathy Griggs

Administrative Coordinator


Bridget Gunn

Case Manager/Care Coordinator


Stephanie Gursky

Admissions Counselor


Judson Hall

Associate Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse


Matthew J. Hammerstone

Supervisor of Environmental, Health and Safety


Thomas C. Hampsey

Senior Executive Director, Research & Special Projects


Heather Hahn

Development Associate


Amanda Hanincik

Director of Educational Equity


Kevin G. Hardy

Senior Graphic Designer


Bryan R. Hay

Senior Writer and Medial Relations Associate


Jalen Hayes

Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball


Stephanie A. Hayes

Senior Executive Director, Campaign & Advancement Operations


Terrence Haynes

Assistant Director, Residence Life


Austin Haytko

Campus Life Coordinator


Terese A. Heidenwolf

Director, Research & Instructional Services


Kevin J. Heil

Lieutenant, Public Safety


Jill E. Heilman

Associate Director, Academic Resource Hub


Alexandra M. Hendrickson

College Chaplain & Director of Religious and Spiritual Life


Brian M. Herr

Assistant Women's Soccer Coach


Rebecca H. Heslin

Director of Prospect Management & Senior Research Officer


Emma Hetrick

College Writing Program Coordinator


Wendy Hill

Director, Hanson Center


Eileen Hoban



Peter R. Hoernle

IT Infrastructure Manager


Kara M. Howe



Karen A. Howell

Associate Director


Edward J. Hudock

Instructional Technology Systems Engineer


Scott R. Hummel

Professor and William A. Jeffers Director of the Engineering Division


Justine Itterly

Admissions Counselor


Mary E. Jackson

Director of Sponsored Research


Benjamin G. Jahre

Head of Electronic Resources


Alan R. Johnson

Desktop Engineer


Anthony Johnson

Assistant Coach Football


Charles Johnson

Assistant Soccer Coach


Michael Jordan

Head Coach, Men's Basketball


Robert N. Jones

Systems Administrator


Jason M. Kalb

Enterprise Application Administrator / DBA


Tingting Kang

Director of English for Academic Purposes Center


Lisa A. Karam

Coordinator, Engineering Department


Jill T. Kauffman

Benefits Coordinator, Human Resources


Stephen M. Kauth

Supervisor, General Trades


Matthew K. Keefe

Director, Major Gifts


Brian Keifer

Network Systems Administrator


Rochelle A. Keesler

Director, Study Abroad Office


Larissa Kelleher

Assistant Director, Counseling Center


Richard J. Kelliher

Head Crew Club Coach


Scott Kennedy

Director of Facilities Operations


Daksha Khatri

Assistant Director Residence Life


Nicholas P. Kiel

Senior Financial Analyst


Steven Kinsey

Assistant Director Recreation Services


Megan L. Kintzer

Senior Director, Donor Relations


Amy Klotz

Academic Finance & Resource Analyst


Chris J. Koch

Director, User Services


Katie Kolinski

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach


David W. Kovach

Assistant Supervisor of Grounds


Kate Kresge

Assistant Director of Student Accounts


Stephen Kushner

Assistant Director of Annual and Leadership Giving


Geoffrey Labe

Business Services Assistant Vice President


Philip J. LaBella

Director, Athletic Communications


Benjamin W. Landis

Associate DIrector, Annual & Leadership Giving


Celeste Langen

Assistant Director of Donor Relations


Thomas Lannon

Director of Special Collections


Holly L. Lantos

Assistant Vice President, Budget & Analytics


Cristie M. Lazart

Director of Human Resources / Benefits


Alexis Leon

Assistant Director, Experiential Learning


Fallyn Lee

Staff Psychologist


Thomas Lee, Jr.

Assistant Director, Gender & Sexuality Programs


Ellen C. Leslie

Executive Assistant to the President, President's Office


Ji J. Li

Senior DBA & Enterprise Application Administrator


Marat Litvan

Senior Enterprise Application Administrator & DBA


Thomas J. Lochner

Assistant Coach Women's Basketball


Kelly Luczkowiak

Assistant Director for Internal and Community Communications


Ryan Luke

Assistant Coach Baseball


Maurice S. Luker

Executive Director of Foundation, Corporate and Government Relations


Jonathan Macasevich

User Services Specialist


Adam MacHose

Campus Technology Coordinator and Instructor, Film and Media Studies


Andrew J. Maciula

Production Manager, Williams Center for the Arts


Dale R. Mack

Print Production Manager / Graphic Designer


Shelby M. Maguire

Senior Associate Director Financial Aid


Adam Malantonio

Digital Initiatives Developer


Kathleen Marano

Assistant Director, Major Gifts


Grace E. Marchena

Associate Director, Admissions


Mayra A. Marquez

Staff Accountant-Restricted Fund & Investment Accounting


Brittany Martin

Associate Director for Project Management and Content Creator


Ryan Mather

Assistant Coach Volleyball


Kathleen McConnell

Head Coach, Women's Lacrosse


Michael McGarvey

Assistant Head Coach, Men's Basketball


Michael B. McGeary

Assistant Supervisor, Special Events & Warehouse


Ashley Mendonca

Assistant Coach Field Hockey


Jeffrey D. Metz

Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid / Information Systems


James P. Meyer

Associate Director and Chief of Police


Robert J. Meyer

Manager, Off-Campus Properties


Allen Miller

Head Baseball Coach


Vaughn E. Miller

Desktop Engineer


David Mills

Associate Director Admissions


Rachel N. Moeller

Executive Director, Diversity Initiatives


Steven M. Molinaro

Manager, Financial Information Systems


Sarah Morgan

Program Manager


Chelsea Morrese
Associate Director Landis Center


Brandon D. Morris

Sophomore Class Dean


Scott D. Morse

Assistant Vice President for Communications and Marketing


Matthew A. Mowad

Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning, Athletics


Julie A. Mule

Senior Associate Director of Residence Life


LaKitha Murray

Sr. Associate Athletic Director for Administration


Lynne A. Murray

Manager of Admissions Operations & Technology


Pamela Murray

Rare Books Cataloger/Metadata Librarian


Laura Mutchler

Financial Systems Analyst


Patrick J. Myers

Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse


Delicia Nahman

Director of Sustainability


Kenneth J. Newquist

Director of Application and Integration Development


Susan L. Newquist

Associate Director of Admissions


Tiffany A. Nish

Associate Athletic Trainer


Tyler Noll

Assistant Coach/Video Coordinator Football


Jeffrey Norman

Teaching and Research Support Specialist


Cynthia Notaroberto

Administrative Coordinator, Film and Media Studies


Charlotte L. Nunes

Director, Digital Scholarship Services


Mary Ellen Nunes

Assistant Director of Development Data Solutions and Research


Sean O'Brien

Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball


Ellen J. O'Malley

Web and Print Designer


Christine L. Oliver

Environment Health & Safety Specialist


Michael Oliver

Library Systems and Technology Manager


Brad M. Orey

Manager, Printing & Copy Services


Alexander E. Owens

Technical Director, Theater


Nicole Palmasano

Assistant Swim Coach


Joshua Parr

Food and Farm Manager


Darrell L. Parry

Course Materials Coordinator


Nadda N. Pavlinsky

Staff Assistant, Facilities Operations


Joel V. Pearce

Director of Technical Services and Systems, Libraries


Vanessa Pearson

Director of Student Involvement


Asmita C. Pendse

Assistant Director, Counseling Center


Angela Perkins

Research and Instruction Librarian


Rebecca Pichetto

Divisional Operations Manager, Enrollment


Jennie Pinho

Lab Instructor and Instrument Support Specialist, Chemistry / Geology


Henry S. Placke

Director of Forensics & Mock Trial

Jerome Pleiss
Assistant Director Equipment Services


Stephen M. Plunkett

Director of Strength & Conditioning


Paulette R. Poloni

Executive Director IT Operations

Jody Poniatowski
Executive Assistant to the General Counsel

Amy Porter

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Senior Development Officer


Bruce B. Potts

Assistant Director of Athletic Peak Performance


Nicole Prestiano

Assistant Coach of Women's Lacrosse


Michelle L. Pretopapa

Senior Assistant Director of Financial Aid


Cynthia A. Pursel

Environmental Health and Safety Specialist


Thomas S. Pursel

Supervisor, Steam Plant


Ana Ramirez Luhrs

Kirby Librarian and Head Librarian for JEDI Iniatives


Jessica Redding

Psychology Lab Coordinator


Judith A. Reed

Budget Manager


Patricia L. Reich

Procurement Director


Timothy J. Reilly

Head Coach, Baseball


Colton E. Reinholtz

Assistant Coach, Volleyball


Zachary Rentschler

Network Administrator


Lisa Y. Rex

Director of Human Resources / Employment Specialist


Ricardo Reyes

Director of Galleries


Grace E. Reynolds

Acting Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life


Theresa K. Richter

Senior Manager of Scheduling & Events Planning


Caroline Riepenhoff

Assistant Athletic Director for Student Athlete Development


Saiyid A. Rizvi

Administrative Sabbatical


Rachel A. Robbins

Capital Financial Analyst


Gabriel J. Robinson

Assistant Coach, Men's Soccer


Jennifer S. Rock

Associate Vice President of Development & Donor Engagement


Ryan Roeder

Assistant Coach Football


Sandra Rogers

Operations Manager


Debbora Romig

Director of Student Accounts


Rebecca L. Rosenbauer

Engineering Computing Coordinator


John N. Sabino

Video Production Manager


Michael Saint Germain

Assistant Coach Football


J. Gail Salter

Lab Coordinator, General Chemistry


Joseph E. Samaritano

Director of Gift Planning


Brian Samble

Dean of Students


Katherine Santoro

Director of Presidential & Major Gift Stewardship


Jade L. Saybolt

Associate Director, Admissions


Maura Schimp

Assistant Field Hockey Coach


Jodi D. Schluter

Physician Assistant


Geoffrey G. Schoeneck

Disbursement Manager


Renee Scholtz

HRIS Manager


Melissa A. Schultz

Director, Strategic Projects and Gateway Career Counselor


Michael W. Scott

Assistant Cross Country and Track & Field Coach


Alma R. Scott-Buczak

Associate Vice President for Human Resources


Jeffrey Sejour

Assistant Coach Football


Christopher Selena

Associate Dean of Advising & Co-Curricular Programs, Sr. Class Dean


Andrew T. Seumalo

Assistant Coach Football


Rebecca Shafer

Assistant Director, Gateway Career Center


Catherine J. Shankweiler

Database & Special Projects Coordinator


Scott Shelley

Lab Coordinator, Physics


Michael Shiffert

Director of Equipment Services


Dawn M. Sisson

Payroll Administrator


Adam Smith

Electronic Systems & Robotics Lab Specialist


Alexis Smith

First Year Class Dean


Millicent Smith

Academic Project Coordinator


Samantha Smith

Sustainability Outreach and Engagement Manager


Jill E. Snyder

Associate Director, Facilities Finance


Marvin Snyder

Supervisor, Engineering


Ryan D. Snyder

Business Services Senior Associate


Brittany A. Soda

Social Media Manager


Jill L. Spotz

Director of Development Communications


Michael Statham

Head Women's Soccer Coach


Adam S. Stauffer

Associate Vice President for Development


Abigail Steinly

Assistant Director Annual Fund, Student, Young Alumni


Elaine M. Stomber

College Archivist


Jennifer J. Stone

Head Field Hockey Coach


Forrest M. Stuart

Assistant Vice President for Financial Aid


Martha L. Sullivan

Director of Academic Research Hub


Michael Summers

Associate Vice President, Gateway Career Center


Ujjwal Suratwala

Data Analyst


Hannah E. Tatu

User Services Specialist


William G. Thompson

Director of Digital Infrastructure


James Toia

Director, Community Arts Program


Christiane C. Tomik

Senior Associate Director, Alumni Relations


Simon T. Tonev

Director of Institutional Research


Aimee Torrisi

Administrative Coordinator, Board of Trustees and Regional Councils


Mary T. Toulouse

Director, Language Resource Center


Tammy Trach

HR Administrator


Jeffrey E. Troxell

Director of Public Safety


John Troxell

Head Coach Football


Ralph C. Van Ormer

Head Tennis Coach


Robert T. VanBlargan

Senior Manager, Advancement Information Systems


Marlene Vant Hoogt

Executive Assistant to the Provost


Stella Varkanis

Writer and Copy Editor


Carl F. Waldbieser

Systems Programmer


Emily L. Walker

Assistant Director of Major Gifts


Joshua Walker

Associate Director, Employee Relations and Outreach


Laura L. Wallace

Assistant Director, Gateway Career Center


Maureen Walz Boehmer

Director, Special Programs


Jeffrey J. Weed

Supervisor of Grounds


Billie L. Weiss

Ticket and Promotions Manager


Tina M. Werkheiser

Senior Applications Analyst


Todd Werkheiser

Custodial Supervisor


Lori L. Wiesner

Office Manager, Investment Division


Mary Wilford-Hunt

Senior Associate Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations


Donte Wilkins

Assistant Coach Football


Kathleen J. Williams

Associate Dean Admissions


Nancy L. Williams

Assistant to the Provost


John Wilson

Lab Coordinator


Lijuan Xu

Associate Director of Research & Instructional Services


Timothy Yale

Integrations Architect


Karen Yaskanin-Jones

Human Resources and Tuition Coordinator


Sarah Ye

Administrative Coordinator


Sarah M. Yencha

Project Director, Dean of the College


Darlene A. Yost

Payroll Administrator/Students


Robert M. Young

Director of Intercultural Development

William Yox

Desktop Engineer


Trevor Zampese

Police Sergeant


Li Zhao

Investment Director


Nora L. Zimmerman

Digital Repository Librarian


Senior Leadership Team

Nicole Hurd



Nicole P. Eramo

Chief of Staff


Sherryta Freeman

Director of Athletics


Audra J. Kahr

Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration


James F. Krivoski

Interim Vice President for Student Life


Peter Mackey

Acting Vice President for Marketing & Communications


John E. Meier



Krishna K. Memani

Chief Investment Officer


Leslie F. Muhlfelder

Vice President Human Resources / General Counsel


John L. O'Keefe

Vice President and Chief Information Officer


Kimberly A. Spang

Vice President for Development / College Relations


Forrest M. Stuart

Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management