RDG 308 Diagnosis and Correction of Learning Differences in Reading

The focus of this course is on the nature and causes of reading difficulties including phonological processing and phonological representations, word recognition deficits, and comprehension difficulties. The course also includes an examination of methods, techniques, and materials used in diagnosing and correcting reading-related difficulties. Attention is focused on the learner and interpretation of physiological, psychological, sociological, emotional, cultural, linguistic, and educational factors that influence reading achievement. Provisions are made for the identification, analysis, and interpretation of informal and formal measures of reading performance and the development of instructional strategies employed in the remediation process. Specific interventions connected to difficulties and disabilities will also be explored. Candidates are introduced to the issues faced by ELLs regarding assessment (i.e. accountability, bias, language proficiency, testing accommodations.) as well as methods for differentiation and support through language acquisition. Candidates will also learn indicators of and strategies to support learning with language-based learning disabilities including speech or language impairment, speech fluency, articulation/connected speech, intelligibility, receptive or expressive language, and voice quality.




PSY 333