RN to BSN Pathway Program, Bachelor of Science in Nursing - For Registered Nurses with a Bachelor’s Degree in Another Field


The RN to BSN Pathway program is an accelerated degree-completion program designed for Registered Nurses with a bachelor’s degree in another field. This program meets the educational needs of students with an unencumbered Registered Nurse license, work experience, and a bachelor’s degree in another field returning to college to complete a BSN degree.

Program of Study

The program allows for the transfer of up to 90 credits, though to graduate, students must earn 120 credits.  Please note: Wilmington University’s eligibility requirements for graduation with honors include completion of 45 residency credits; therefore, BSN Pathway students who do not elect to complete additional coursework to meet this requirement are ineligible to graduate with honors.


General Education Requirements (39 credits)

(Including a 3-credit Statistics course)

Natural Sciences (12 credits)

(Will require as a pre-requisite if not taken as part of prior degree)

A minimum of 12 credits in anatomy and physiology, microbiology, physics, biology, and/or chemistry, must be earned through coursework, transfer credits, or testing (available for anatomy/physiology and microbiology).

Free Electives (8 credits)

Upper Division Nursing Core (28 credits)

NUR 303Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing Practice


Prior to the completion of NUR 303, students must complete the mandatory credentialing process.

NUR 316Quality Improvement & Technology


NUR 333Leadership in Nursing Practice


NUR 343Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice


Mandatory pre-requisite: MAT 308 or approved course transfer.

NUR 363Chronic and Palliative Care


NUR 413Holistic Health Assessment


This course may be completed concurrently with NUR 430.

NUR 419Health Equity & Inclusion In Nursing Practice


NUR 430Community and Population Health: Senior Capstone


This is the RN-BSN Capstone course which includes a community learning experience. Mandatory prerequisites apply. This course is only offered as a semester course.

Nursing Elective (3 credits)

Choose from the following:

HLT, HIT, ISM 430, HSC 380, SOC 365, PSY 420