MSE 8005 Professional Growth Portfolio

Professional Growth Portfolio is a non credit bearing course that enables M.Ed. Special Education Alternative Route to Teacher Certification (ARTC) Teachers who have completed their degree requirements but still remain under the state ARTC classification, pending completion of their final DPAS II cycle, to receive support and coaching from the WilmU ARTC program.


This coaching and support will cover all aspects of professional practice in direct relation to current research, current professional standards and the Delaware Performance Appraisal System II. 


Candidates will continue to address their professional growth opportunities in the form of professional learning, additional coursework if needed, and ARTC Seminars. 


Professional Growth plans are developed during their degree completion in the Seminar courses and through completion of the Praxis Performance Assessment for Teachers.  Teachers will identify strengths, challenges, and opportunities for growth.  Monitoring, analysis, and reflection of the growth plan will enable the teacher to demonstrate professional growth across areas of the teaching profession.  This plan will align with and/or be included in the Component IV: Professional Responsibilities of the DPAS II evaluation cycle.