MAT 202 Mathematics for Teachers II

This class will prepare teacher candidates to become effective mathematics teachers in their own classrooms.  Through mathematical investigations candidates will learn the underlying concepts, structures, functions and patterns that promote mathematical reasoning and understanding.  Candidates will investigate how moving progressively through essential topics deepens their understanding of mathematics.  Students will use the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards and STEM strategies.  Various methods such as modeling, collaboration, manipulatives, thinking made visible, and writing across the curriculum will be presented for bridging classroom activities and real-world problem solving. Teacher candidates will learn how to analyze their students’ math-solving processes by developing thorough explanations of their own mathematical understanding and critiquing the explanation of others’ mathematical understandings.  Candidates will communicate their mathematical ideas, processes, analyses and understandings through both writing and speaking.  This course concentrates on geometry, measurement, probability and statistics and their application to student learning and classroom teaching.




MAT 201 with a minimum grade of C.