MSN 8349 Therapeutic Modalities and Psychiatric Conditions Across the Lifespan

Building on the diagnostic skills mastered in the student’s previous Advanced Health Assessment, this course focuses on the epidemiology of selected psychological disorders and the tools needed to obtain an accurate assessment and differential diagnosis of common clinical variations in health patterns in adults and children with mental illness. Emphasis is placed on the use of assessment techniques essential to the management of disorders across the lifespan. The course will focuses on strategies to integrate and promote physical and behavioral health.Therapeutic modalities related to group and individual psychotherapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exposure and Dialectical Therapy, as well as brain stimulation treatments such as ECT will be reviewed with indications for use in monotherapy or as an adjunct to pharmacotherapy. This course will also address the role of the PMHNP related to health promotion, leadership, ethical and legal decision making, health policy and advocacy, quality improvement and safety, and inter professional practice, including scope of practice issues.




FNP board certification, acceptance into the PMHNP program, and MSN 8348