MSN 8348 Psychopharmacology for the Advanced Practice Nurse Across the Lifespan

This course explores advanced concepts of the neuro-pathophysiology of mental illness, and pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs used in the psychopharmacologic treatment and clinical management of various psychiatric disorders across the lifespan. The course reflects current scientific knowledge of the neurobiology of mental illnesses, and the application of psychopharmacology to clinical problems. Genomics will also be addressed with regards to psychological conditions. Indications for use of psychotropic medications, side effects, compliance issues, and interactions will be discussed. Emphasis is placed on the understanding of psychotropic drug effects for each disorders studied and the relationship to advanced nursing practice interventions. The course will also address the role of the PMHNP in compliance with regulations and standards that define scope of practice and prescriptive authority for practitioners prescribing psychiatric medications.




FNP board certification and acceptance into the PMHNP program