MED 7700 The Evolving Role of a Principal: Innovative Leadership Prek-12

This course examines the role of the building principal in terms of central themes associated with effective school leadership: developing a shared vision and planning for continuous school improvement that involves all school/community stakeholders, maintaining a constant focus on growing the capacity of staff members while helping every child reach their academic and social potential, and establishing and maintaining a school culture that is positive, safe and holds high expectations for the appropriate ethical behavior of both students and staff.. Each of these themes is explored in relation to the building principal’s major areas of responsibility (listed in research-based rank order of importance): leadership; strategic planning; facilitating student learning; developing, implementing, and evaluating curriculum and instruction; selecting, supervising and evaluating staff; interpersonal relationships; staff development and renewal; community relations; management duties; maintaining the physical security of students, faculty, and staff; and school operations. Key issues relevant to all schools, from PreK – 12, are addressed.  It is essential to successful school leadership that the candidates be risk takers, do critical thinking of the various issues they will encounter and be innovative or proactive problem solvers for student success in a collaborative approach with staff and families




MED 6102