MCT 6401 Career and Technical Education Instructional Technology

The focus of this course is to assist career and technical teachers in the application of technology to enhance student learning and increase student achievement. Course topics include spreadsheets, desktop publishing, multimedia, web design, and selection/use/evaluation of instructional software appropriate for a teacher's particular career program, using the Internet, and developing an understanding of how technology can change the learning environment and the roles of teacher and learner. This is a dual-listed course for undergraduate and/or graduate credit. Additional and differentiated assignments will be required for students taking this course at the graduate level.



Cross Listed Courses

EDC 401


MED 6102 (for all students who began their career and technical degree programs on or after September 1, 2009. MED 6102 is the E-Folio System used for documenting and tracking student mastery of program competencies.)