MAS 7801 Practicum/Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching in the Middle and High School

This course provides candidates with the pedagogical approaches and methods needed to effectively construct and deliver lessons in middle level and high school classrooms. The course will focus on "Personalized Learning" where teachers combine tools to engage learners in material that fits their grade level and subject needs and interests.  Candidates will be guided in purposeful design of instruction to combine face-to-face teaching, technology-assisted instruction and collaboration to leverage each student’s learning style and interests for deeper learning. Candidates will engage in processes for using assessment data to measure how that learning impacts practice in the classroom. 

The practicum component of the course will require the candidate to complete 24 clock hours in a classroom setting in the content area in which the candidate is preparing to teach. In that setting, the candidate will engage in classroom activities, including work with individual and small groups of students, and teaching a lesson.




MED 6102, MAS 7603, MAS 7604