MAJ 7000 Contemporary Issues in Homeland Security

Students will gain an understanding of the concept of Homeland Security and its relevance in today’s society. The macro and micro definition of Homeland Security will be thoroughly discussed. An in-depth review of the events which placed Homeland Security as a top priority of the U. S. Government will be made. Students will be given an overview of the statutory authority given to officials in the various government entities who have responsibility for Homeland Security. This overview will include a review and discussion of the Homeland Security Act of 2002 and the U. S. Patriot Act. Review and discussion of the structures of federal, state and local entities responsible for Homeland Security and the means in which they are coordinating their efforts with each other are examined. Other areas related to Homeland Security will be addressed to include: hazards, safety and security, mitigation and preparedness, response and recovery, communication and technology. Finally, the course will include a discussion of how tighter Homeland Security could threaten a person’s civil liberties.



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MHS 7000