DSN 6000 Web Design and Architecture

Website design and architecture has evolved from a minimalistic presentation of text to vibrant, interactive experiences characterized by strategically placed information, optimally designed pages, and easy navigation. This course explores current design principles and the tools used for effective website design and development. The course enables students to (a) perform website planning; and (b) recognize and critically evaluate the quality of a website using color theory and standards from organizations such as the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C). This course is a pre/co-requisite for all Web Design concentration courses.  Being a pre/co-requisite means the following.  First, as a prerequisite, DSN 6000 registration and completion must occur before registering for other Web Design courses.  Second, as a co-requisite, registration in DSN 6000 must occur concurrently (i.e., same term and same part of term) as registration in other Web Design courses provided the DSN 6000 registration always precedes or equals, by term and/or part of a term, registration in other Web Design courses.  Dropping or withdrawing from DSN 6000, while DSN 6000 is a pre/co-requisite, may result in being dropped or withdrawn from other Web Design courses in the term and/or part of a term.