DBA 8000 Seminar on Research in Management

The transition from doctoral course work to a successful dissertation effort is often difficult and requires the student have a strong start on the dissertation journey.  This course provides students the opportunity to appropriately critique theirs and their colleagues' dissertation topic, refine their research questions and/or hypotheses, and choose the best methodologies for conducting their research.  Students will exchange ideas and approaches with their dissertation committee, faculty and other students to assist with the initiation, research and successful completion of a scholarly dissertation.  Students should complete the course with a completed research proposal that has been approved by their dissertation committee.




RES 7105, RES 7106, RES 7107, RES7111, LDR7000, LDR7100, DBA7100, (DBA7300 OR DBA7310), DBA7400, DBA7510, DBA7600, DBA7800 and ((DBA7200 and (DBA7700 OR DBA 7900) or two Doctoral Level College of Education electives (with approval of DBA Program Chair)).