DBA 7100 Organizational Strategy and Policy

In order to survive and thrive in these dynamic times, it is necessary for organizations to develop, implement, assess, and evolve robust strategies. The course takes an international view of organizational strategy and policy in a world without borders and provides students with a general overview of the planning, strategy formulation, strategic thinking, strategy implementation, and evaluation processes. The course acquaints students with current strategic theories, tools and best practices and provides students with opportunities to apply these to real case studies involving global companies. Students will investigate scholarly literature and other sources of information to develop original solutions to specific strategic problems or opportunities in their companies, professions, or industries. Students will write formal papers on their research and recommendations and will be required to make persuasive presentations that are designed for relevant target audiences.




LDR 7000, DBA 7600, DBA 7510, LDR 7100, and DBA 7400